The Fall of Man

The Edge of Darkness
Agents of the Inquisitions' first Assignment

Inquisitors: Havlock (Nate), Falcon (James), Bones (Scott)

After months of waiting, living anonymously in the habstacks of Scintilla, the inquisitors finally get a call for their first assignment. Descending deep into the bowels of the Administratum’s quarter, the inquisitors travel to the Templum Mori where they meet Interrogator Medicae Sands. Sands mission for the inquisitors is to discover what they can about the last days of Saul Arbest. Saul’s body was recently discovered and sent for autopsy by the biologis forensic where they discovered heretical modifications.

After hours on a rumbling transit car, the inquisitors arrive in Coscarla district, once home of the late Saul Arbest. In the market they learn the location of Saul’s habstack. They also learn that Saul’s was not the only disappearance. People have been disappearing for the last several weeks, abducted by red-eyed beings that prowl the night. Investigating Saul’s hab, the characters find Lili Arbest, Saul’s sister, hiding in the apartment. Lili plans to leave Cosacarla on the last transit out. She has little information for the inquisitors, having been out on a job at the time of Saul’s, but reports Saul had been drinking heavily down at the Worker’s Union. She also gives the inquisitors a key to her hab, in the same building, to crash in.

Nightfall is soon approaching as the inquisitors decide to go to the Worker’s Union. Most of its patrons seem reluctant to talk much of the recent disappearances but the inquisitors are able to discover a couple of bits of information. Things in Coscarla have been declining rapidly for the last several months. Food is scarce and jobs are even more scarce. For many, the only food they get is the mid-day meal at the Tantalus Alms House. The inquisitors also learn of Sikes the Reclaimator, a curious man that seems to know most of what is going on in Coscarla.

Sitting in the back, on a raised platform that in better times served as a stage, the inquisitors notice “Chord” Luntz. The Worker’s Union is Chord’s kingdom. Though they are able to gather some information, no one seems willing to speak too freely even with the high levels of alcohol flowing through their veins. The anxious glances towards Chord reveal the source of this reluctance. Speaking with Chord does not provide much information either. His only advice is that they go to the town square at night and the inquisitors will learn what happened to all the missing people.

Havlock, Falcon and Bones decide to risk nighttime in the square despite the chance it is a trap. They stay until one in the morning and nothing happens. The inquisitors return to Lili’s hab to get a few hours of sleep. At a little after five in the morning a couple of cyborg, for lack of a better name, smash through the door. They are tough, taking hit after hit but remaining standing. The inquisitors manage to kill them, or maybe a better statement is that they disable them. This brings us to the end of the first night.


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